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Geosector 0= AFRICA

Phylosector 1= AFRO-ASIAN

Geosector 2= AUSTRALASIA

Phylosector 3= AUSTRONESIAN

Geosector 4= EURASIA

Phylosector 5= INDO-EUROPEAN

Geosector 6= NORTH-AMERICA

Phylosector 7= SINO-INDIAN

Geosector 8= SOUTH-AMERICA

Phylosector 9= TRANSAFRICAN

84-UAA-a. Mapudungun

Outer-unit LS-2010 Updated

from Pacific coast across Andes mountains to western Pampas plains (between approx. 37(S & 41(S)

mapu-che-dungun, mapu-dungu, mapu-thungu, mapu-tongo, araucano, araukan, "araucanian"; "wider" mapu-che community (=«land-folk»), including former molu-che (=«war-folk»), ngolu-che, manzanero.

mapa-dungun= «land-words», mapu-che-dungun = «land-folk-words».

Updated linguascale code in LS-2010

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