The Linguasphere Register

of the world’s languages and speech communities


The following sources in European languages are among those consulted in the course of preparing the first edition of the Linguasphere Register, and include all those cited in the chapters above (where citations are abbreviated to principal name(s) plus date, e.g. Bec 1986). The bibliography includes also a list of relevant linguistic publications by the compiler of the Register.

To the right of each title is an indication of the linguasphere sector or sectors to which that work applies (with the indication "linguasphere" for works of general application, or which deal with languages in more than five sectors). The present bibliography should be regarded as preliminary, since the documentation of all entries in the Linguasphere Register will require a classified bibliography of many times this length.

Coming soon.

Key to the World’s languages - La clé des langues du monde

10 sectors & 100 zones of reference for the location of & classification of languages.

10 secteurs & 100 zones de référence pour la location & la classification des langues.

Isolated languages & independent language groups,
coded within 5 GEOSECTORS comprising 25 geozones & 25 independent phylozones.

Langues isolées & groupes linguistiques indépendants,
codifiés sous 5 GÉOSECTEURS comprenant 25 géozones & 25 phylozones indépendantes.


Languages belonging to one of five major language families,
coded within 5 PHYLOSECTORS subdivided into 5 x 10 phylozones.

Langues appartenant à une des cinq familles linguistiques majeures,
codifiées sous 5 PHYLOSECTEURS sousdivisées en 5 x 10 phylozones.

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