The Linguasphere Register

of the world’s languages and speech communities

Chapter 1. Planet of Speech: the Conceptual Framework

Key to the World’s languages - La clé des langues du monde

10 sectors & 100 zones of reference for the location of & classification of languages.

10 secteurs & 100 zones de référence pour la location & la classification des langues.

Isolated languages & independent language groups,
coded within 5 GEOSECTORS comprising 25 geozones & 25 independent phylozones.

Langues isolées & groupes linguistiques indépendants,
codifiés sous 5 GÉOSECTEURS comprenant 25 géozones & 25 phylozones indépendantes.


Languages belonging to one of five major language families,
coded within 5 PHYLOSECTORS subdivided into 5 x 10 phylozones.

Langues appartenant à une des cinq familles linguistiques majeures,
codifiées sous 5 PHYLOSECTEURS sousdivisées en 5 x 10 phylozones.

See also

  • Planet of Speech: the Conceptual Framework Volume 1, page 21

    Within the biosphere of planet Earth, the supremacy of a single species - humankind - has been facilitated by its development and mastery of speech, a skill resulting from the interaction of the human intellect and the human vocal system. From person to person, and from community to community, the operation of this skill has led to the progressive appropriation of the Earth’s surface by humankind, to its development into a planet of speech. The planet of speech is a social creation and construction, based on the co-ordinated use by two or more people of the human brain and vocal system (...)

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