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Geosector 0= AFRICA

Phylosector 1= AFRO-ASIAN

Geosector 2= AUSTRALASIA

Phylosector 3= AUSTRONESIAN

Geosector 4= EURASIA

Phylosector 5= INDO-EUROPEAN

Geosector 6= NORTH-AMERICA

Phylosector 7= SINO-INDIAN

Geosector 8= SOUTH-AMERICA

Phylosector 9= TRANSAFRICAN


Geosector LS-2010 Updated

Total number of voices covered by the languages of each zone (or of each part of a divided zone) :

  • More than 100 million
  • More than 10 million
  • More than 1 million
  • More than 100 thousand
  • Less than 100 thousand
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Téléchargez l’ensemble du secteur au format pdf. Extrait de l’édition 2000 du répertoire Linguasphère.

This geosector covers 121 sets of languages (= 415 outer languages, comprising 964 inner languages) spoken or formerly spoken by traditional "Amerindian" communities across South America and southern Meso-America (since before the arrival of speakers of Indo-European languages, principally [51] Español and Português, but also [51] Français and [52] English and Nederlands).

13 sets are treated within three phylozones, 80=, 82= and 88=, while the remaining 110 sets are classified geographically within seven geozones. Geozone 81= covers languages spoken by communities in southern Meso-America and parts of northern South America, and the geozones 83=, 84= and 85=, in geographic sequence, cover languages spoken by communities in the Andean regions, southward as far as Tierra del Fuego. Geozones 86=, 87= and 89= cover languages spoken by communities in the Mato Grosso, in the Amazon Basin and in northeastern Brazil.

In spelling the reference-names of languages spoken in areas where [51] Español is in general use, the usages of the letters /c/ or /qu/ are normally preferred to use of the letter /k/, and the usage of /ch/ to the use of /sh/. In areas where [51] Português is in general use, the usage of the letter /x/ is preferred to use of /sh/.

Updated phylosector in LS-2010. See older LS-2000 version SOUTH-AMERICA.

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