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Geosector 0= AFRICA

Phylosector 1= AFRO-ASIAN

Geosector 2= AUSTRALASIA

Phylosector 3= AUSTRONESIAN

Geosector 4= EURASIA

Phylosector 5= INDO-EUROPEAN

Geosector 6= NORTH-AMERICA

Phylosector 7= SINO-INDIAN

Geosector 8= SOUTH-AMERICA

Phylosector 9= TRANSAFRICAN

Phylosector 1= AFRO-ASIAN



Covers the "Semitic" or ’Aramita + Amarinya set, part of the "Afro-Asiatic" or "Hamito-Semitic" intercontinental affinity.

Comprising 1 set of languages (= 24 outer languages) spoken by communities in Northern and Northeastern Africa and Western Asia, from the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean to the Black Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Including 1 arterial language: ’Arabiyya Mashriqi with ’Arabiyya Maghribi (Eastern Arabic with Western Arabic).

For certain reference-names in zone 12=, especially in the Arabic net [12-AAC], diacritics have been used as follows: subscript dot / (, (, ( / for velarised emphatic consonants; / / for the voiceless pharyngeal fricative; and overlining as in / _ / for long vowels.

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