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Geosector 0= AFRICA

Phylosector 1= AFRO-ASIAN

Geosector 2= AUSTRALASIA

Phylosector 3= AUSTRONESIAN

Geosector 4= EURASIA

Phylosector 5= INDO-EUROPEAN

Geosector 6= NORTH-AMERICA

Phylosector 7= SINO-INDIAN

Geosector 8= SOUTH-AMERICA

Phylosector 9= TRANSAFRICAN

Phylosector 5= INDO-EUROPEAN



Covers the "Indic", "Indo-Aryan" or Hindi + Domari set of languages, part of the "Indo-Iranian" grouping within the "Indo-European" intercontinental affinity.

Comprising 1 set of languages (= 49 outer languages) spoken by communities in South Asia, from the Himalayas to the island of Ceylon, with extensions throughout the world.

including 5 arterial languages: Hindi with Urdu; Bhojpuri with Maithili; Panjabi; Marathi; Bangla (Bengali) with Sylhetti

A continuum of relationships among languages covered by 58=Iranic and by 59=Indic passes through the transitional languages of the [58] Bashgali + Waigeli (Nuristani) chain.

For the reference-names of [59-AAF] Central Indic languages, diacritics have been used as follows: subscript dot / , º, É, Ñ / for retroflex consonants; overlining e.g. / _ / for a long vowel; underlining / r / for vocalic r.

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